Like Gauchos, But Make It Fashion

We all had a pair of gauchos. In fact, I had multiple pairs when I was little and my favorite were an army pattern.

This summer, cropped wide-leg pants have become all the rage and I’m so here for it. Not because I missed gauchos, but because these are so comfortable and cute.

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Mine are from ASOS, like most everything I wear these days, and are the Petite brand. I love ASOS Petite because I don’t ever have to hem anything! It is always perfect, and pants like these run the risk of looking bad if they aren’t the right length.

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Since moving to Charleston for the summer, for an internship at Charleston Magazine, I’ve loved wearing these pants both to the office and out to dinner! My platform sandals are perfect for both occasions, but if I wanted I could go super casual with some flat sandals or super dressing with a block heel.

I love the tie-waist as well, because it gives the illusion of a small waist if you tuck in shirts, which I love to do!

A cute pair of pants for the office that can also double as an outfit staple for any event deserves recognition and praise in my book.

I need every single color! Maybe I can find them on King Street next time I’m shopping…


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San Francisco for Spring Break

My thought process: forget the beach and take me to a city.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach during the summer. However, I have never been the kind of person to stay out there for hours on end. I would much prefer traveling to different cities, so going out west for Spring Break was perfect!

It was chilly and a bit cloudy the whole time I was in San Francisco, but that’s one of the characteristics of the city so I couldn’t complain.

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The first stop was the Golden State Warriors game in Oakland. Steph Curry is my favorite and I couldn’t have been more excited…until he hurt his ankle 2 minutes into the game and never came back. Talk about heartbreaking!

However, the game was still so much fun and I finally got to wear the jersey I got for Christmas!

My favorite day was probably the most stereotypical, but we went to the two most tourist stops: Golden Gate Bridge and the “Full House” view. (They are actually called the Painted Ladies, which I never knew until we took our bus tour!)

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My favorite spots also came with my favorite outfit! I love this sweater for ASOS, I swear by that company now. My jeans are also from there! They have some of the best fitting petite jeans.

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I also got to wear my embroidered Anthropologie trench coat. This is one of my best jackets because it isn’t heavy and it always add the little something extra that I’m looking for with a simple outfit.

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I’ve been really into hats lately, and I had been wanting to try a beret with an outfit. I got this cream colored one from Free People and I loved it! This style of hat was perfect for me, I want one in every single color now.

Overall, this city is near the top of the list out of all the ones I have visited, maybe even some from Day Trip Rankings-España!

Hopefully the next time I go back, it’s filled with lots more sunshine and even better memories!


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Feels like…Spring

It’s high 60s and low 70s here in Johnson City, and it isn’t even March yet. There has been a lot of rain so whenever there is sunshine, I try to take full advantage of it.

School has been so busy this semester and I have hardly had any time to do my leisurely activities that I do just because I enjoy them (like blogging for example). So this weather makes me even more excited for my upcoming break full of my favorite leisure activities and sunshine.

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This cute little pink door was the perfect accent to my long, black sheer top. You can’t tell, because I am so short this looks like a dress, but I have on a denim skirt underneath because the entire bottom of the shirt is sheer!

It is from Free People (on sale, of course) and is a great transition top from winter to spring. The black makes it very winter, but the fabric makes it very spring.

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My favorite neck scarf (as seen in Paris for the Weekend) made an appearance, and was the perfect accessory for this top. I love the neck scarf trend, because depending on the colors and patterns, they are really a statement accessory that can be worn year-round!

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I have been looking for a loafer all winter, and finally came across some that I can wear during the spring too! I love the mustard yellow color and the tassels.

Even though they are suede, the open back and color mean I will definitely be wearing them with shorts once it is officially spring.

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It’s time to put back on my leggings and start studying and writing papers, but it’s nice every once in a while during a busy week to take some time and do what you enjoy!


Holiday Look

It has been awhile since I have been on here! The school year has been crazy, but one of my New Years resolutions will be to keep my blog more up to date.

In other news, December 26th is the saddest day of the year. This day officially commences the end of the holiday season, but it starts the transition into a new year.

Looking back on the last few months, I feel like I have been lacking in personal style, but on Christmas Eve I wore one of my favorite outfits of the year!

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Jumper: Free People

Boots: Sam Edelman

Top: Lizard Thicket (boutique in Knoxville, Tennessee but is also online!)

Headband: Anthropologie

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The headband is the real reason I loved this look so much. I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf for a fun Christmas Eve look!


Paris for the Weekend

I’m sadly writing this post from South Carolina, but I do still have a few more things to share from the month I spent in Europe!

On my one free weekend my friend Maggie and I decided that Paris would be the best way to spend it. Obviously, right?

It was a weekend filled going to see all the major spots: shopping the Champs-Elysees, visiting the Palace of Versailles and of course, viewing the Eiffel Tower.

The history, the shopping and the endless amounts of flowers surrounding every street made this city easily one of the best ones I visited while abroad.

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First Stop: Tour Eiffel

There will really never be words to describe the magnitude of this monument. It was incredible, during the day and lit up at night. I’ll never get over that experience of seeing something that has influenced so much.

When you think Paris, you think Eiffel Tower and it did not disappoint…and I like to think neither did my outfit.

FullSizeRender 7

I got my dress (that actually has shorts built in underneath) from Zara in my “hometown” Toledo before leaving for Paris.

It’s a mini-dress and comfortable. The deep V in the dress leads plenty of room to play with accessories. I love the dress with slip-on sneakers or Converse, but I went with my Sam Edelman studded sandals for the day.

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Like I said, the deep V is cute and flirty, and so is the neck scarf trend. My scarf is also from Zara, and I’m a fan of mixing floral patterns with stripes. All the colors in my scarf contrast well with the blue and white of my dress.

The neck scarf trend is very European, I saw the look so much in both France and Spain! Instead of a necklace, I like that this older idea fashion is coming back into play.

Day Two: Versailles

The town that holds the most magnificent palace is almost as exciting as the actual Palace of Versailles, just saying.

After our tour of the Palace, Maggie and I explored the market. There were more veggies and flowers than I could have imagined and it was perfect.

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This embroidered denim skirt, also from Zara (can you see I found a new favorite store?), was a great pick for adventuring around the city for the day.

I lived in this basic white tee the entire time I was abroad, mainly because it is comfortable and goes with everything I brought and everything I bought.

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More Favorites:

Laduree: BEST macaroons in the entire world. I felt very much like Blair Waldorf after purchasing my box.

Town of Montmartre: Right near the Basilica du Scare-Coeur, are the streets of Montmartre. There were cafes, souvenir shops and so many artists selling their work. It was quaint and wonderful and the perfect surprise that my friend and I cam across.

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Paris was a must-see, a once in a lifetime weekend get-a-away and I am so glad I had the chance to see it all!

More to come about my favorite spots in Toledo, Spain where I spent the majority of my European adventure.




Day Trip Rankings-España

It’s been another week and a half (maybe two weeks, time seems to run together here) of multiple day trips and meandering around Toledo.

While Toledo is absolutely amazing, and easily my very favorite city on Earth, it has been nice to see other cities.

We still have a day trip to Madrid to go (and I have a weekend in Paris and Barcelona!) but so far here is the ranking:

  1. Toledo: While this technically does not count as a day trip, this is home. Therefore it has to come first on the list. The majority of my time is spent mastering these streets and restaurants and shops and there is nowhere else I could travel in this country that could ever really compare. The town is tiny and that makes it all the better. We frequent the same places (especially for the best ice cream) but we also still find new things to experience everyday.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  2. Córdoba: I have never seen a city with more flower boxes, and that is my ultimate weakness. Every single street is lined with color and the Alcázar and Mosque/Cathedral are some of the most impressive buildings, and gardens, that I have seen so far. The city itself doesn’t look modern, but the restaurants and shopping give it the aspect. Ranking right behind Toledo, I could definitely see myself living in Córdoba for a semester.
  3. Segovia: I love the history behind this place. The aqueducts, Alcázar and gothic cathedral are as appealing on the outside as they are in the inside and they are all dripping with stories to be told. I wouldn’t want to stay here for a long period of time, but it was the perfect town to spend a Sunday in.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  4. Granada: Being that my first experience in Spain was in Toledo, it’s hard for me to see any place as being modern. Granada is a lot like Madrid. It is modern: the buildings are modern, the restaurants are fancy and upscale and while the streets are cobblestone there are still many stoplights. The exact opposite of Toledo. There is of course the cathedral, and the Capilla de Real where the bodies of Isabel and Ferdinand (yes, their actual tombs) are held and the Alhambra, but the history and oldness of the place is very condensed. Despite that fact, the views from Alhambra are unmatched.Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset
  5. Salamanca: We didn’t spend a lot of time here apart from the catedral (are you seeing a trend with how many cathedrals I have seen?). Because it was a Sunday when we went, the shopping was a minimum. The Plaza Mayor was extravagant and I’m sure usually highly popular. As for the experience, it was historical but nothing compared to the cities above.  Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This trip has been nothing short of inspiring. From the history to the fashion trends, Im learning something new everyday. I have also mastered a menial Spanish accent for the few times I order at restaurants or talk to my host mom.

This outfit is from the Alhambra tour in Granada, where the buildings and gardens and everything in between extend for miles.


Granada is not usually as hot as everywhere else in Spain because it is situated within a mountain, but this day was very warm.

I bought this skirt at J. Crew before I left the U.S. and I personally think it is perfect for days like this (and really any day because look at those stripes). It is really light and not thick like the winter sidewalk skirts.

I have been wearing so much white, like I mentioned in “España-Week 1”. I don’t see that changing for the rest of the trip which is why this shirt is perfect. It’s silky and lightweight.

Only a few more weeks before I have to come home, but I still have a few more posts (and outfits) to showcase before that happens.


España-Week 1


Honestly, I’m really not sure how I could ever put into words, or express in pictures, how amazing Toledo is. There is more history here within a few blocks than in the entire state of Tennessee or South Carolina.

It’s been exhausting so far, but worth the jet lag and lack of sleep. There is a new view to admire everyday, and I can’t wait for the next few weeks traveling throughout Spain and finding my favorite places in Toledo.

My favorite spot right now is on the outskirts of the city, because you get a view like this one:


In fashion news, the style here is exactly the inspiration I needed. Everything is casual, but very fashion forward so all of the looks are very put together.

I never buy tops for some reason, I always find myself buying just skirts or just dresses. On Friday we decided to go shopping and this time I did end up with two tops and one dress (that I am so excited to wear in Paris).

It is so hot here, so I have been wearing a lot of white in the hopes that I do not have a heat stroke.

Today, we went exploring the bridges and I wore this super comfortable and flowey (very important in the heat) white dress from ASOS.


This is the first time I’ve worn a show other than sandals, and while they are very comfortable, they don’t grip the cobblestone well. Always make sure your shoes work with the cobblestone in ancient cities.

Accessories have been limited to the rings I wear everyday, and maybe a pair of studs. In my opinion, the heat makes a lot of jewelry uncomfortable so I have kept it simple. However, one of my favorite items I brought with me is my straw H&M hat I purchased last summer.

And of course my Anthropologie sunglasses because the sun here is unlike anything else (there are no trees for shade).

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I can’t wait for four more weeks of fashion inspiration and magazine-worthy views. More posts to come!

Hasta Luego XOXO

Simple Details

Some occasions require certain outfits, such as job interviews, work or a banquet. However, these kind of outfits don’t have to be traditional and “boring” because there are some basic staples that have unique detailing to give the item some excitement.

Caroline’s mom went to Paris about a month ago, and brought her back this collared shirt.

From far away, the shirt looks simple and something that you would wear for an interview.


That is the case. This shirt is perfect paired with a pencil skirt or this cute striped H&M mini-skirt (which is from my closet). It is simple and versatile, but it is not exactly just plain.


The closed eyelash detail on both sides of the collar make this shirt in itself very chic. I love this small, yet simple detail added to an otherwise basic shirt.

The detail is so small that it will not distract from any other bottom that is paired with it, which makes the options as endless as if the detail was not even there.

Basic items, like a collared shirt, are necessary in the closet of even the biggest fashionista. They are always needed for some type of occasion and you don’t want to be caught without one.

However, find one with details as cute as this one, and you will want to wear it more than just to your next interview!


Red, White and Blue…and Kappa Delta

Over the weekend, my sisters and I had Spring House Party that included a spring photoshoot on quite possibly the rainiest day of April.

However, our pictures were taken inside so it was nothing a switch from rain boots to heels after the walk in couldn’t fix.

This year, we were put into groups with a certain color that we had to wear. I was chambray, but the other two groups where white/tan or red.


There are so many ways you can do chambray. I wore a t-shirt dress with white stripes and it was so comfortable.

My friend Briley (right) wore a romper. There are so many colors of chambray, light and dark, and they are all going to be a staple in the closet this summer! The material is lightweight and so easy to pair with anything.

We all had to wear brown shoes, but chambray goes great with any type of shoe in any color.


Chambray also looks great when you are taking pictures with people that are wearing tan and white.

Carissa (left) wore tied flare pants with a cold-shoulder white top. These pants are perfect for summer because they are a neutral color and super light-weight so they won’t make you hot.

Tan and chambray are two colors/materials that everybody needs to have in something. Whether it is a shirt, dress or pants these items can help simplify an outfit or even complete one depending on the occasion.


Perfect Romper for Casual Summer Days

Rompers in general are a staple to my summer wardrobe. They are comfortable, easy and simple enough to be dressed up or down.

Carmen’s American Eagle romper is a necessity this summer. The material is cotton, which even though it is more causal, if you add some heels this is a cute night-out outfit.


The bow-front and center cut-out are cute and playful, which are two attributes everyone wants in a summer outfit.


Carmen paired the romper with pearl, strappy sandals but any type of shoe will work with this romper depending on the occasion.

Because the romper is kind of low-cut, statement earrings are a good choice for this outfit. For this look, something with a lot of color is best because of the neutral colors in the romper itself.

A dainty emblem necklace or wrap necklace with the earrings will add just enough to complete the outfit without making it look over-accessorized.

The bow-front detail is an accessory in itself.

Whether you have this exact romper, or something similar, you can wear it multiple times in many different ways!