Simple Details

Some occasions require certain outfits, such as job interviews, work or a banquet. However, these kind of outfits don’t have to be traditional and “boring” because there are some basic staples that have unique detailing to give the item some excitement.

Caroline’s mom went to Paris about a month ago, and brought her back this collared shirt.

From far away, the shirt looks simple and something that you would wear for an interview.


That is the case. This shirt is perfect paired with a pencil skirt or this cute striped H&M mini-skirt (which is from my closet). It is simple and versatile, but it is not exactly just plain.


The closed eyelash detail on both sides of the collar make this shirt in itself very chic. I love this small, yet simple detail added to an otherwise basic shirt.

The detail is so small that it will not distract from any other bottom that is paired with it, which makes the options as endless as if the detail was not even there.

Basic items, like a collared shirt, are necessary in the closet of even the biggest fashionista. They are always needed for some type of occasion and you don’t want to be caught without one.

However, find one with details as cute as this one, and you will want to wear it more than just to your next interview!



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