Jumpsuit Heaven

Do you ever just find an article of clothing, that even while just standing in the dressing room, you see yourself trying to find every occasion to wear it?

I had that feeling when I tried on this jumpsuit, and it’s from Target!

I do not usually pull off cropped pants, simply because cropped on normal people is floor length on my 5 foot frame.

However, this jumpsuit was the perfect length. The flare legs are a bold move for this style of jumpsuit, but that made it all the more exciting.


The high waist on the jumpsuit slims down the rest of my body, which is always a factor people like to see when buying a jumper.


Not only that, but it has POCKETS! And there is nobody that can deny a good pocket.

The pattern is perfect because there is not too much going on and there are so many ways to style it.

I wore this to a concert, so I went with a bright clutch and heeled sandals. However, this jumper is perfect for casual day if you just add flat shoes and an understated cross-body purse.


My only complaint about this jumper, is that it didn’t come in more patterns. I likely would have bought them all.



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