Another Concert, Another Outfit

Coachella is in full swing right now. Over the weekend, while I was not able to make it to California, I did make it to Charleston for The Chainsmokers concert.

This was such a fun concert, with loud and exciting music, which called for a loud and exciting outfit.


Aztec patterns, bright colors and cut-outs are all involved in this dress, making it perfect for an exciting concert.

Concert outfits should be simple and moveable enough so the entire night isn’t spent worrying about what you are wearing.

This dress is easy to throw on and requires few efforts in the accessory department because of the fun pattern.


This dress is perfect for heels or sandals, but if you are wearing it to a concert like Carmen did, I suggest flat shoes.

Her gold, tie-up gladiator sandals went perfectly with this dress and added an extra sparkle to the outfit.

I love this type of shoe for the summer because they will go with everything to complete a look.

The Chainsmokers concert was inside, but a lot of concerts during the hotter months are outdoors and this outfit is perfect for that too.

If you are going to a concert this summer, find a cute dress that you know you can dance in and that will be easy to accessorize. After that, you’re ready to enjoy the night!



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