One-Piece Rave

Last summer, everyone was unsure of the one-piece trend. There could be a few spotted here and there on the beach, but this summer they are fully stocked in every bathing suit store.

I was not sure if I liked the look on me, but it really depends on the style you choose. There are many designs and styles to choose from and there is one for everybody.

Both of these swimsuits are from Aerie and both represent different ways to go about trying the one-piece trend.


Carmen’s deep red one-piece with a center cut-out is perfect for those that are on the fence about the trend. The ruffles and v-neckline are very slimming while still staying conservative.


The pattern on my suit is a little crazy, and not usually a style I would go for, but the material is what sold me. It is super soft and comfortable.

The neckline is high while the sides plunge down. It can feel a little uncomfortable at first because the sides are so cut-out, but that just takes getting used to!

The straps in the back make a U-shape, so this suit is perfect if you’re wanting a one-piece  but also still wanting to tan.

My suggestion is to try on as many as you can, because there will be one that works no matter what size or shape you are.



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