Mixing Patterns for Weekend Feels

Saturday shopping trips are for playing with outfits you don’t want to try out on college campus first.

The weekend is the best time to try out new looks, because you are at less of a risk of your fellow classmates wondering what you’re wearing (even though the outfit ALWAYS works). It is best to play with prints on the weekend when you are happiest and feel like taking a risk.

Find a top (or bottom, but not both) that has a whimsical pattern with multiple colors.

This off-the-shoulder top Carmen is wearing is from Anthropologie, and is perfect for pattern mixing because of the solid background combined with many colors.


This top looks perfect with these Aerie polka dot shorts, because the patterns are not so different that they clash. There has to be a happy medium!

If your top pattern has a ton of colors, go neutral on the color in the bottom half pattern.


Pair you mixed patterns with simple jewelry, as the patterns are already a lot to look at!  Add a cute chocker or layered necklace in a silver or gold metal. Don’t bog down the look with too much accessorizing.

Happy Saturday and Happy Mixing!


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