Lightweight Flannels

Flannels can be worn year-round, as long as you are wearing the right one.

Lightweight flannels are perfect for spring if there is a bit of wind in the air, as well as sometimes at night depending on the occasion.

Carmen paired her look with black shorts,  but this natural flannel from J. Crew would also work with regular denim shorts, or even a denim skirt.


Having the shirt tied up gives the look a more casual feel. If you tie it, then your flannel look is ready for a weekday lunch or a Saturday night hanging out with friends.

Depending on the bottom you pair with the flannel, it can be tucked in instead of being tied, which makes the look not so causal and work better with a Saturday brunch.


This is an outfit that is meant for accessories, so add a layered necklace and/or a choker to make the pattern in the flannel pop.

Hoop earrings or exciting studs will also add to the look, but still be aware that one item should not overwhelm another.

So don’t pack away the flannels yet, save a few for the chilly spring days and nights.


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