Graphic Tees-Perfect for Class

As I have said many times on my blog, it is really hard to dress for class. Whether you are in high school or college reading this, some days are harder than others but here is a simple trick to get you through it.

Graphic tees are to plain tees what a wedged heel is to flat shoe. They give off the impression that the person worked a little bit harder to get ready that day.

While this white denim skirt would be great with a plain white t-shirt, the simple graphic tee adds spunk to an otherwise plain outfit.


This tee is from Aerie, who in my opinion have some of the softest tees, but Target and Urban Outfitters are abundant in graphic tees for every personality.

Carmen paired her outfit with Shelia Fajl hoops and a Kendra Scott necklace. Simple jewelry with a simple outfit completes the look and keeps it balanced.


This outfit is easy enough, and definitely cute enough, to throw on for a day of classes with a nice late lunch to follow.

Find the graphic tee that fits your mood for the day, with no shame against the “Coffee before Talkie” shirt best for a Monday.



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