Sorority Girl Essentials

If you are in a sorority, there is going to come a time when your personal style has to go out the window, because you will have a required “look” you have to wear.

As a Kappa Delta, each year at East Tennessee State University we host a golf tournament to raise money for Prevent Child Abuse America.

In traditional golf style, we are required to wear khaki skirts, brown flats and our matching t-shirts whatever they may be that year.

With that being said, there a few things I have found every sorority girl needs in their closet for when events like this arise.

First: A good pair of flats.

I had to have brown, and I got these Lucky Brand dupes from Target for only 16 dollars and they are super comfy!

A lot of the time black or nude would also be fine and I suggest either Tory Burch or Lucky Brand because they will last forever and are really stylish and comfortable. (I have nude Lucky Brand and gold Tory Burch.)


My sister, Kelly (left), wore brown Sperry’s a good shoe to have regardless of the event!

Second: The cinched khaki skirt.

No matter what shade of khaki you get, you need this skirt. It pairs perfectly with the letter shirt or even a basic shirt like that one I have one.


My skirt is from J. Crew, and they ALWAYS have this skirt for sale and always in khaki. It is a staple piece.

Emily (left) got hers at Old Navy, and it is a more athletic look but the same idea.

Either way, a good pair of flats and a flattering cinched skirt will take you a long way no matter what letters you wear.



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