Biltmore Views

Biltmore is one of my favorite places to visit, and the only small downside is all the walking.

I didn’t want to wear a shoe that was flat with my skirt, because I always like to add a little height. A small heel makes your legs look longer and waist smaller.

This A-line skirt is my favorite shape because it goes in at the waist and flows outward.  The double pockets in the front add another slimming aspect. I picked this up in New York at Superdry, and I have worn it way too much since then.


A cropped babydoll tee is essential for the spring/summer and this white one is from Target for only 10 dollars.


One would think that heel when there is a lot of walking in order would be a bad idea, but these Steven Madden sandals did not make my feet hurt once.

Despite the heel, my foot remained relatively flat and the tie-up laces resembles a gladiator sandal that was all the rave last summer.


This is the perfect casual outfit for any day spent within the Biltmore Estate, or any activity that will come up in the warm months.


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