Awkward Weather? No Problem

Here in Tennessee, the weather has gone from 70 degrees, to 30 degrees and back to 65 degrees, in that order.

This weather is weird, and it makes it hard to want to get dressed, because nothing in the closet seems to fit.

I have a way to remedy this: shop for the lighter-weight items and go from there.

My roommate Caroline looks adorable, and she is neither warm not cold and that is perfect for a day full of glasses or a day full of outside errands.

She is wearing a grey, soft sweater underneath an army green (a color very “in” right now) light-weight jacket.

Paring this look with jeans is perfect because it looks more put-together than leggings, but there is not harm is leggings here and there.


A flat bootie, like the ones Caroline has on from Urban Outfitters, is better than a tall boot for this weather because it is easier and won’t make your legs too hot.


Parker here went with a J. Crew cable knit sweater, perfect for the most spring weather as well as the coldest winter weather.

If you are going somewhere in the evening, bring a cute jacket like Parker’s pink one, because if you are outside in the wind you will want it!

If you are just going to classes, maybe leave the jacket at home because the cable-knit will be perfect and you won’t be too hot or cold.


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