Let’s Dress Up

I got to attend my first semi-formal function for Kappa Delta on Saturday, and needless to say it was the best excuse for a new dress.

I am always looking for something unique when going to a formal occasion just because I love a reason to go out of the box!


I got my perfect dress from ASOS, and I was so lucky it fit perfectly. The mesh sleeves with lace cuffs and ruffle neck are the reason I couldn’t resist it.

Dresses that come tight at the waist and go out in a bell-shape, like mine, look great on all figures and give you plenty of room to dance in.

My shoes are Vince Camuto and they have a thick heel which is the way to go if you are doing a lot of walking or at a venue that doesn’t support the no shoes dancing look.

I paired the look with my Kate Spade Taxi clutch (Seen in my post: Handbag Favorites: Use Them All Year) for an extra pop of color. With a look like this, accessories were minimal because the dress is really amazing on its own!


My KD sister Briley was the best date, and she looked adorable in her shiny dress from Express.

Her pop of color came in her hot pink heel, and that is my favorite way to accessorize a dress like this. Too much takes away from the perfect simplicity!


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