Blazer Done Right

I own one blazer and one blazer only. I’m sure that once I get into a solid profession I will need a few more, but for right now I love styling this one.

I got this blazer at Anthropologie on SUPER sale. I had never bought a blazer but everything about the shape and the pattern made me sure I needed it.

dsc_0846 dsc_0864

I love the look put together here, and it is a more professional one; that’s the blazer talking. However, I have worn this blazer with a white v-neck and jeans and it still looked put together.

This pattern is very fall, with all the dark accent colors but what is best about it is the blazer looks great with almost any color shirt underneath. This studded mustard v-neck from H&M is causal when worn alone, but with the blazer is an entirely different look.


While it isn’t the basic black blazer everybody says you need, this patterned one is fun and I completely disagree with a boring business look. The blazer is a standout, no matter what other items of clothing it is paired with!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography


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