Handbag Favorites: Use Them All Year

I have very few purses that can only be used one season at a time. It all goes back to getting the most out of your money and buying the basics!


Just like everybody needs a little black dress, everybody needs a little black crossbody. I waited for over a year for this Coach bag to go on sale, and I finally got it for only 50 dollars!

The gold and black together is my favorite thing, and makes it look even better with multiple outfits. I can use this purse in all seasons because it is the perfect night-out purse during the spring and summer, and the perfect every day purse during the fall and winter.


I’ll be honest, this clutch was an impulse buy but I have not regretted it. I love the loud colors that Kate Spade will come out with sometimes, and since I am NYC obsessed I had to have this clutch.

I love carrying it with simple outfits because it stands out. However, it is great with shiny tanks and loud colored skirts too. (See my upcoming posts on Girls Night Out!)


My true love comes in this brown Fossil bag I bought for full price because in the words of Taylor Swift some things “never go out of style”, which means they won’t go on sale either.

A brown bag should be a staple in any wardrobe, and Fossil is known for their leather goods.  This purse has been through the dirt and the rain and other than a few spots looks great.

A crossbody, a clutch and a tote are all the styles you need. It’s up to you which color you pick!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography


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