Some boy’s fashion in this girls world

Another thing I love about being home is seeing my handsome boyfriend.

Davis hardly ever dresses up, but when he does he has some sense of style. I thought I would throw in some men’s pics since when everybody thinks fashion they automatically think women.


I love mixing light and dark shades of the same color. Being the fashion forward girlfriend I am, I got Davis this light blue chambray shirt from J. Crew last year. It is a great transitional shirt from summer to fall. It is cool enough to wear on a summer night and perfect for a fall day!

Dark navy pants are probably my favorite, even in front of a good pair of khakis.

They go great with this shirt, and can really match almost anything in a guy’s closet. Especially a white tee, or even a basic graphic tee to dress down the look.


This shirt also looks great with jeans or white khaki shorts.

Even Davis knows that having a few staple pieces of clothing go a long way. And since he is in college, he spends most of his time in athletic shorts. However, when he does take me on dates he uses his few nice items to look his best.


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