Styling Your Greek Letter Tee

This fall I made the best decision and found my home away from home in the beautiful and confident Kappa Delta Sorority!

Not only did I gain over 100 new sisters, but I also earned my greek letter tee, that I sadly can’t wear until I am officially initiated. So that just means I had to borrow my roomie Caroline, who found her home in Alpha Delta Pi, and a one of my Kappa sisters to see their take on styling the greek letter tee!

Caroline paired her dark and light blue letter shirt with a blue and white striped button skirt from Urban Outfitters. The light blues match perfectly, and the stripes add an extra element to an otherwise basic tee! She paired it with nude sandals.


Bailey is wearing a mint green letter tee. I love the mix of patterns here! Mint and navy is always a good color combination. Bailey’s pants have anchors on them, which isn’t too much with the pattern in her letters.

Instead of just wearing regular jeans with your letter shirt, go for colored pants and don’t be afraid to mix patterns. If the colors match within them both, they are sure to look great.



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