Fallin’ for Lighter Hair

I love when girls go lighter in hair color for the fall, and my roomies/besties are the cutest blondes I know. Most people think fall and immediately want to go darker (I am one of those girls because I can’t pull off  a ton of blonde) but going lighter is a standout!

Valerie, the girl behind all of MY pictures in my other posts, is naturally this lovely blonde. I love a good pony, but a curled ponytail is even better. If you hair holds curl really well, you can sleep in your curls and throw it in a pony before you leave for the cutest laid-back hairstyle.


My roomie Parker has the best curls of anyone I know. She uses a Remington Large Barrel wand (available at Target or Ulta) for thicker, more loose curls and she always brushes through them. If you want tighter curls, go with a smaller barrel size. She has the perfect dark undertone to her bright blonde color.


Jordan (left) and Parker are both blondies for the fall, with Jordan having a more strawberry touch to it. Like me, Jordan almost always has her hair straight, and sometimes that is just the best way to go for a day of classes or short-notice lunch date.

It all depends on what is easier for you what hairstyle you choose, and if you’re lucky you can perfect them all!

Take a risk this fall and add some light brown or blonde highlights! It will stand out in your curls, your ponytail or the the classic straight.


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