Fun Summer Rompers

Rompers are the perfect go-to for any occasion!There is the perfect one for every body type, you just have to know what you are looking for. If you aren’t the biggest fan of rompers, always go for a nice dress, but a romper in my opinion adds class and shows good style at any event!


This pink metallic romper from Willie Jays in Charleston, S.C. would be great for a summer wedding. If I had had one to go to, this would have been my first outfit choice. It doesn’t have a deep plunge, so it is classy even though it is strapless.

It looks great with a belt, but I love it without one as well! My suggestion is add a different color belt, like a teal or a yellow to add in some extra color.

I paired them with a nude, lace-up wedge. I think a nude color is best with this romper, it does not pop when paired with a brown shoe or belt.

A short or long necklace works great with this look, I went with long here! But a J. Crew chunky necklace is also a viable option, especially if going to a fancier event.



Blue! My favorite color of fabric. This romper is so comfortable (I also have it in a solid hot pink). The pom-poms on the end along with the pattern make it perfect to be dressed up or just worn for everyday wear.

It’s soft and has an elastic band that hits at the stomach so the fabric gives the illusion of being tucked in, which is slimming on any body type.

This Michael Kors bag (seen before in Beach Vibes in Johnson City) is such a great color is matches great even with a patterned outfit like this one.

A long necklace looks best with a high-neck romper (or really high-neck anything). I got this feathered one from Altar’d State and it goes with everything! The soft pink color pops and the beads allow the necklace to blend when it needs to.

Whether it is dressy or casual, rompers are my favorite for comfort no matter the situation!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photograpgy


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