Plain White Tees (Not The Band)

I am not kidding when I say I wear a white v-neck at least once (sometimes twice) a week. I can wear it with athletic shorts if I am really not in the mood for real clothes.

As stated in my bio, I am a fan of the basics. The “Little Black Dress”, a great pair of jeans and a simple white t-shirt are just a few of those things.

I paired it with a cute skirt and ripped jeans for the purpose of this blog, but there are a million other options. Mine is a cheap one from Forever 21, and I have to replace it every few months due to the wear and tear it takes, but 3 dollars every few months is totally worth it.


I dressed up the tee here but this fringe suede skirt from Express, that will be PERFECT in the fall with tights as well.

Like I’ve said, I’m not a fan of huge jewelry. This 5 dollar layered necklace from Forever 21 has made it onto my neck every other day since I’ve bought it.

The simplicity of the white tee brings out that sass of fringe skirt, yet the outfit is still dressy enough to wear to a dinner date!


I looked forever for the perfect summer hat, and finally found this one at H&M. It adds a beachy element to this outfit, and honestly you can never go wrong with a hat.

If your hair is dirty, throw on a hat. If you want to make an outfit casual, wear a hat!


I’m wearing two VERY important basics in this picture. American Eagle and Lucky Brand are my go-to for jeans, and these ripped skinnies are from American Eagle. Shirt tucked in or untucked, this outfit can be made for a night-out or simply for running around town.

I’m wearing my simple layered necklace (again) and simple jewelry. These Anthropologie sunglasses are dead ringers for Kate Spade (and half the price) and I have worn them every day. (Look for more in an accessories post coming soon!)

You can’t go wrong with the endless option of a plain white tee, whether you are bumming it to the grocery store or going out to a party.

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography


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