Beach Vibes in Johnson City

Stripes and flowy white.


The beach was my favorite place to wear this outfit, but it is cute in any setting.

These Aerie shorts are the best. They are loose and soft, making them perfect for a hot day where you don’t want your clothing fit so close to the body.

I paired them with this button-up from Target that is super thin, so it wasn’t suffocating in the summer heat.

I normally tuck everything in to complete a look, but tying the button up gave this outfit a sailor look that I love and it was less structured.

Simple jewelry is great for a look like this, because of the collar on the shirt. I wore a tiered necklace along with my leather Fossil watch and Alex and Ani bracelets. (Be on the lookout for a post on accessories soon!)

My Lucky Brand lace-up sandals were my go-to this summer for every cute look, and will be for many summers to come!

The lace-up shoe adds that extra beachy feel to an outfit and they are super comfy!


A simple cross-body, like the one I am carrying, is the best kind of bag to carry when it is hot outside. (Be on the lookout for a handbags post!) This Michael Kors bag is a light lavender that adds a pop of color, without being overwhelming.

That goes to show that spending money on pieces that can be easily incorporated into your wardrobe are worth it. An item, such as a purse, that you can only paired with one outfit isn’t worth hundreds of dollars.

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography


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