Listen Up-Fashion Podcast

Going on a different route, I decided to make a podcast with three people who can shed some light on the fashion industry.

I am a merchandising minor at ETSU, and I interviewed my professor Dr. Anna Roberts for this podcast. She talks about the evolution of fashion, and how there are so many influences from the past in today’s world. She also discusses Women’s Wear Daily to be the go-to publication for anyone interested in fashion. (Their RSS Feed is linked on my homepage!)

I also brought in a fellow Journalism student, Heath Owens, who has been to New York and Paris for long periods of time to talk about their influences on his fashion identity and what he experienced there.

My roommate Parker (seen in Fallin’ for Lighter Hair) also came on the podcast to help me. She talks about her favorite places to shop and her favorite staple pieces.

Have a listen on Podomatic!

Fashion Podcast-Multimedia Production


Blazer Done Right

I own one blazer and one blazer only. I’m sure that once I get into a solid profession I will need a few more, but for right now I love styling this one.

I got this blazer at Anthropologie on SUPER sale. I had never bought a blazer but everything about the shape and the pattern made me sure I needed it.

dsc_0846 dsc_0864

I love the look put together here, and it is a more professional one; that’s the blazer talking. However, I have worn this blazer with a white v-neck and jeans and it still looked put together.

This pattern is very fall, with all the dark accent colors but what is best about it is the blazer looks great with almost any color shirt underneath. This studded mustard v-neck from H&M is causal when worn alone, but with the blazer is an entirely different look.


While it isn’t the basic black blazer everybody says you need, this patterned one is fun and I completely disagree with a boring business look. The blazer is a standout, no matter what other items of clothing it is paired with!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography

Rompers, Even in the Fall

I wear romper’s year-round, they aren’t just a summer thing even though some people prefer them then. They can be great for fall if you style them right, especially with a sweater like in my pictures here!

I love this sweater cardigan from Express. I wore it during the summer too when the night was chilly, but it is really a staple piece for fall. Even though I’m short, it hits my leg mid-thigh just right so it also looks great with a skirt or jeans as well.

This white romper is thicker than most, and if worn during the summer can be really hot. It also pairs great with tights! Black tights, this white romper, and red necklace and you have yourself a Christmas outfit.


I couldn’t make a post about fall without throwing in a flannel. Once again, I love this romper because it is so versatile. It can be tied with a flannel like this one, but it also looks great belted or without a belt at all! It is cute paired with booties, either heeled or flat.

Find a thick romper this fall and work it with all of your favorite fall accessories.

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography


Handbag Favorites: Use Them All Year

I have very few purses that can only be used one season at a time. It all goes back to getting the most out of your money and buying the basics!


Just like everybody needs a little black dress, everybody needs a little black crossbody. I waited for over a year for this Coach bag to go on sale, and I finally got it for only 50 dollars!

The gold and black together is my favorite thing, and makes it look even better with multiple outfits. I can use this purse in all seasons because it is the perfect night-out purse during the spring and summer, and the perfect every day purse during the fall and winter.


I’ll be honest, this clutch was an impulse buy but I have not regretted it. I love the loud colors that Kate Spade will come out with sometimes, and since I am NYC obsessed I had to have this clutch.

I love carrying it with simple outfits because it stands out. However, it is great with shiny tanks and loud colored skirts too. (See my upcoming posts on Girls Night Out!)


My true love comes in this brown Fossil bag I bought for full price because in the words of Taylor Swift some things “never go out of style”, which means they won’t go on sale either.

A brown bag should be a staple in any wardrobe, and Fossil is known for their leather goods.  This purse has been through the dirt and the rain and other than a few spots looks great.

A crossbody, a clutch and a tote are all the styles you need. It’s up to you which color you pick!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography

Some boy’s fashion in this girls world

Another thing I love about being home is seeing my handsome boyfriend.

Davis hardly ever dresses up, but when he does he has some sense of style. I thought I would throw in some men’s pics since when everybody thinks fashion they automatically think women.


I love mixing light and dark shades of the same color. Being the fashion forward girlfriend I am, I got Davis this light blue chambray shirt from J. Crew last year. It is a great transitional shirt from summer to fall. It is cool enough to wear on a summer night and perfect for a fall day!

Dark navy pants are probably my favorite, even in front of a good pair of khakis.

They go great with this shirt, and can really match almost anything in a guy’s closet. Especially a white tee, or even a basic graphic tee to dress down the look.


This shirt also looks great with jeans or white khaki shorts.

Even Davis knows that having a few staple pieces of clothing go a long way. And since he is in college, he spends most of his time in athletic shorts. However, when he does take me on dates he uses his few nice items to look his best.

Jumping for Joy over these Jumpsuits

Home for the weekend in Spartanburg, SC and got to take pictures of my perfect best friend! Carmen loves jumpsuits, and two of the many in her closet are perfect for a dressy occasion or a casual shopping date.


This jumpsuit from Express is “fire”, if you will. Carmen wore this when she went to watch Miss South Carolina Teen and it was a standout, because everyone else was in dresses. This jumpsuit needs to be worn to a fancy evening out, it can’t be dressed down and that is OKAY. Sometimes you just need a sleek, black jumpsuit in your closet.

The cut-outs on the jumpsuit are slimming because they are all drawn to the center gold-piece, so don’t be afraid of them! Cut-outs like these are bold and tasteful.

Carmen paired her outfit with studded black Gianni Bini heels, but it could also be worn with a nude or even a gold shoe.


This favorite jumpsuit of Carmen’s comes from Urban Outfitters and is the best for outlet mall shopping and lunch dates. When it gets to be fall it will be super cuter paired with a sweater.

The material is soft and thin, so it needs a good bralette underneath. The fabric has a shine to it that adds some flare as well as the wide-leg bottoms. The bottoms and the halter style straps are a slimming characteristics of this jumpsuit.

Carmen also added a strappy brown shoe with a little heel, because like me she is on the short side, but if you’re tall a flat sandal will work perfect with this outfit!


This jumpsuit is fun and flirty. The black Express jumpsuit is sassy and in charge. No matter what your occasion, make a bold choice and go for the jumpsuit instead of dress.

Styling Your Greek Letter Tee

This fall I made the best decision and found my home away from home in the beautiful and confident Kappa Delta Sorority!

Not only did I gain over 100 new sisters, but I also earned my greek letter tee, that I sadly can’t wear until I am officially initiated. So that just means I had to borrow my roomie Caroline, who found her home in Alpha Delta Pi, and a one of my Kappa sisters to see their take on styling the greek letter tee!

Caroline paired her dark and light blue letter shirt with a blue and white striped button skirt from Urban Outfitters. The light blues match perfectly, and the stripes add an extra element to an otherwise basic tee! She paired it with nude sandals.


Bailey is wearing a mint green letter tee. I love the mix of patterns here! Mint and navy is always a good color combination. Bailey’s pants have anchors on them, which isn’t too much with the pattern in her letters.

Instead of just wearing regular jeans with your letter shirt, go for colored pants and don’t be afraid to mix patterns. If the colors match within them both, they are sure to look great.


Fallin’ for Lighter Hair

I love when girls go lighter in hair color for the fall, and my roomies/besties are the cutest blondes I know. Most people think fall and immediately want to go darker (I am one of those girls because I can’t pull off  a ton of blonde) but going lighter is a standout!

Valerie, the girl behind all of MY pictures in my other posts, is naturally this lovely blonde. I love a good pony, but a curled ponytail is even better. If you hair holds curl really well, you can sleep in your curls and throw it in a pony before you leave for the cutest laid-back hairstyle.


My roomie Parker has the best curls of anyone I know. She uses a Remington Large Barrel wand (available at Target or Ulta) for thicker, more loose curls and she always brushes through them. If you want tighter curls, go with a smaller barrel size. She has the perfect dark undertone to her bright blonde color.


Jordan (left) and Parker are both blondies for the fall, with Jordan having a more strawberry touch to it. Like me, Jordan almost always has her hair straight, and sometimes that is just the best way to go for a day of classes or short-notice lunch date.

It all depends on what is easier for you what hairstyle you choose, and if you’re lucky you can perfect them all!

Take a risk this fall and add some light brown or blonde highlights! It will stand out in your curls, your ponytail or the the classic straight.

College Girl on the Daily

Let’s face it, college is hard. It is even harder to get yourself up, no matter what time the class is, and get ready. I have mastered the art of getting ready in 15 minutes, and still manage to not look horrible (on some days anyways.)

dsc_0682A cute pico top and pair of high-waisted denim shorts are totally manageable for a long day of classes.

This pico top is super soft, and is going to look great with jeans/leggings once it starts to cool down a bit! For now, I tucked it into my high-waisted dark wash shorts from American Eagle and my Birkenstocks.

If you don’t have a pair of Birks yet, you need to run (not walk) to get a pair. They can start at 100 dollars but they are wise investment. They are the best shoe to wear for classes!

Simple make-up and hair pulled back is the way to go for a long day ahead of you. In my opinion, dressing better and feeling better for the day you have a test makes you feel more confident!

dsc_0712I love a denim skirt, and this is a lighter wash than the one featured in my Game Day in Rocky Top post!

I paired it with a flowy cream top from Forever 21 that is casual and simple. This is an outfit to wear on a day where maybe you don’t have to be up at 8 AM and want to go on a cute lunch date after. Or maybe you’re looking for something quick to toss on and this really is great for that!

I am a total headband girl. I have two of these BoHo head-wraps (you can find them at Francescas) and I wear them all the time!

You can throw on a long necklace, like my blue one here, or a causal J Crew chunky necklace like this one on the right. This one with the rope in the base is my favorite!

Moral of the story, it doesn’t have to be extravagant to be cute. Rock a t-shirt and sweats one day, and do it up in an outfit like these the next! College life is all about balance.

Photography by Valerie Haney, taken at our great college of East Tennessee State University. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography

Work it Out

When I am not in class or in meetings or playing for the club soccer team here at ETSU, I am always trying to be in the gym!

I love the feeling after working out and it doesn’t hurt to look cute while you do it.

This entire outfit (except the shoes) is from Fabletics by Kate Hudson. I love everything she has with this brand and it is reasonably priced compared to other workouts brands like Lululemon.

You may look at this shirt and think it would be so hot in the gym because of the long sleeves, but because of the open back it actually kept me cooler than a normal t-shirt.

One of my favorite classes to take at the gym is cycling, and you have to have a good pair of leggings for that and the cutouts on the side of these are just extra cuteness!

I’m wearing my favorite New Balance tennis shoes here that I normally wear to the gym when I’m just working out and not taking classes. They are great for just walking around too, and the colors mix great with all kinds of outfits!

dsc_0628I love going for coffee after the gym, and this outfit is perfectly transitional for that. Since you just worked out, go for the non-fat milk in your coffee instead just to make it all worth it!

Nike shorts and a cute tank are also perfect for the gym, especially if you are doing high-intensity workouts with a lot of running.

Either way, the cute workout outfit can be the perfect motivator to get into the gym!

Photography by Valerie Haney. Contact her at this email! Valerie Haney Photography